Brick and Stone Veneer


There’s so many different ways in which you can make use of a range of common masonry materials around your home. Your options aren’t just limited to construction. That’s because, as part of our truly comprehensive service, we can also provide a range of veeners, namely brick and stone. A simple veener can often be used to achieve many of the same things, but with less hassle and at a lower cost. So, what’s not to love? This is just another way we can really help you make use of a range of materials around your home.

Brick and Stone Veener
Both brick veener and stone veener are something that our team can install around your home. Choosing a masonry veener over full masonry construction can have range of benefits, including being a great way to take advantage of certain materials at a lower cost. Whether you are considering installing a brick veener wall or want to take full advantage of all that stone veener has to offer, our team is here to help. We can install exterior brick veener as well as stone veener that’s perfect for a wide range of different uses and applications.

The main benefit of natural stone veener in particular is the amazing durability that it offers. Stone has a naturally high level of durability, and can withstand most weather conditions without any issues, whether it’s ice, moisture or anything else. This incredible durability means that stone veener will require virtually no maintenance, and will really last long term. So, if you want to create something that will truly last, stone veener is really something that you can take advantage of around your home.

Opting for a more simple veener over full brick or stone construction also has another benefit, it helps with overall affordability. In the case of a brick veener, installing only a single layer of brick work can help to cut down on installation time and the amount of bricks that are required to get the job done, meaning that you save. The cost effectiveness of stone veener lies in the fact that it can be easily installed. This is whilst it also provides you with many of the amazing benefits that natural stone has to offer.

Another reason why opting for a brick or stone veener is a good idea is that both look amazing. Brick has a great uniform look that really captures attention. It’s also has a real timeless charm, so you can be sure that the design of your home will never go out of style. Stone also has a real modern appeal, and can create an amazing and strong contrast between your home and the natural greenery around your home or yard, which looks simply stunning. So, if you are looking for a way to give your home a whole new look, brick or stone veener can be the perfect option.